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Tale of Two Hot Dogs #anyqs

Something about this situation made my mathey-sense tingle and compulsed me to buy and cook these two not quite similar hot dogs. Any questions? (At 101qs.com)

Dough! #anyqs? At 101qs.com.

Dough! #anyqs? At 101qs.com.

Bacon. #Anyqs? At 101qs, too.

Bacon. #Anyqs? At 101qs, too.

Dressed up the reptile for #anyqs at 101qs.com. What do you think - is there any perplexity in this?

Dressed up the reptile for #anyqs at 101qs.com. What do you think - is there any perplexity in this?

Popcorn #Anyqs

Our terrific local movie theatre, Cinema Carousel, has a popcorn deal where you can buy a bucket and get 2 refills per visit for about half a year. We love movies and popcorn, so we have been buying these identically sized buckets for years. Like the winter bucket:

But when we went to the Avengers-

(It was AWESOME.
Down, inner fanboy, down!)

-there was a new, visibly smaller bucket.

The ticket seller said, “oh they just look smaller.” It’s like he knew I was a math teacher and would now have to buy it.



What do you think? Can you tell from projection/cross sectional area? Is it obvious? What matters more, width or height?

For those who need to measure. Do you need to measure?

Average Score #ANYQS

One of the great things about Drop7 (others - puzzley problem solving, it is free!) is that it gives excellent data. I thought it was cool that my average budged so little after these two games, but… any questions?

BTW, I’m stuck with a max score in the high 300Ks. If you have any tips…

Cookies #AnyQs

So, what do you think?

Perhaps the most fun aspect of this was trying to explain why I was taking the picture.

Sweet Potato Crusted Quiche

Love these #anyqs moments. Karen is making an amazing sounding asparagus bacon quiche with sweet potato crust for her bible group, and she says to get out the rectangular dish. She grated more potato than it called for, and “It must be bigger than the pie plate, right?”

Is it?

"It’s the sides," she says.

Measurements if you wish them:

They are the same depth. I’ll save you a piece if there’s any left over.

Happy Pi Day, everybody!

Toothpaste #Anyqs

Totally tubular. (That’s a joke if you’re over 40.)


Donor Problem

Great graph for problem posing. Maybe too unfocused for how @ddmeyer thinks of #anyqs, but #wcydwt?

From Talking Points Memo via the Daily Dish

I don’t think you can conclude what they are concluding.