(Mathhombre) Miscellanea

Matt Henderson makes some ingenious math animations using programming, and his unrolling circles was particularly amazing.

I just wanted a version in GeoGebra! On the ‘Tube.

Two Pancakes

So @jamestanton tweeted his neat Two Pancake Problem video this morning, and I must be GeoGebra deprived, because I simply had to make it into a sketch. I took pretty simple shapes… and don’t get into concave stuff - it’s not that robust. But I did implement the One and Two Pancake problem. Hope you think it’s fun, too.

On GeoGebra Tube: teacher (download) or student (applet) flavor.

I guess I’ll use this as a reminder: I love GeoGebra requests, and I barely get any. Do you have an idea for a sketch? Share, please!

Wave GeoGebra

Quick and easy sketch inspired by Don Steward’s yin yang problem. Raises lots of neat questions. At #GeoGebra Tube here.

Move C - what do you notice?

Embedded using GeoGebraTube’s nice embed feature that gives you an iframe code for blogs.

Sweet Potato Crusted Quiche

Love these #anyqs moments. Karen is making an amazing sounding asparagus bacon quiche with sweet potato crust for her bible group, and she says to get out the rectangular dish. She grated more potato than it called for, and “It must be bigger than the pie plate, right?”

Is it?

"It’s the sides," she says.

Measurements if you wish them:

They are the same depth. I’ll save you a piece if there’s any left over.

Happy Pi Day, everybody!

Brownie Math

Nice post by Geoff about a number of investigations from an interesting brownie pan. He asked about a GeoGebra sketch and I couldn’t resist.

GeoGebra file at the Tube.